"By replacing paper with glass and pencil with copper wire it provides a refreshing alternative not normally associated with traditional drawing techniques."  Kevin Wallhead

Event Details

Exhibition Name: CANCELLED Twenty Five Years in a Shed. Sam Scorer Gallery Lincoln. Open 10am - 4pm
Description: In 2009 Kevin held a retrospective exhibition at Sam’s titled ‘Fifteen Years in a Shed’.
Ten years on and still in that shed Kevin’s latest exhibition draws from inspiration gathered over those years. His latest work is a reflection and progression of influences going back to the 1990’s.
Having recently looked into his family DNA, ancestry and heritage, Kevin has stitched together some of his original influences from his artistic journey, incorporating ancient crafts with modern issues, to try to understand the fabric of our society.
“Where we all come from is the common thread, where we are all going is what should bind us all together”.
Start Date: November 21 2020
End Date: December 6 2020